Tips on How to Buy a New Laptop – Before discussing about buying a new laptop , the laptop is important to know what the heck it is . you need this knowledge so that later on when to buy , and not confused when presented with various brands of laptops . Actually laptop is another form of a computer , it’s just that this laptop is a computer that is more practical than the form . The reason is because the laptop is designed smaller and lighter than the computer so much easier in adan tote to carry everywhere .


Tips on Buying a Laptop

Tips Membeli Laptop

the laptop itself is taken from two words namely lap and top . Each word has a meaning , meaning lap thigh / lap top while the top . So the sense of this laptop is the type of computer that can be placed on the thigh . Up here already thighs ? Furthermore ya .. laptops have different types and sizes . For this type of netbook size smaller owned approximately 7 to 12 inches making it lighter and diawa everywhere . This netbook has many functions such as a light finishing work , office , data processing , can even be used to play games and also browsing of course .

Tips on How to Buy a New Laptop


Tips Membeli Laptop Baru

While notebooks are generally more powerful and has a high memory . Besides its size is also larger than a netbook , about 13 inches . Well , for those of you who want to buy a new laptop , can listen to tips on buying a laptop . The first you should do is buy a laptop enetukan your goal , to play games or work . For those who want to play alone , choose a laptop that has a VGA specification , high memory , have a multi – core technology and 64 -bit architectures . However, if the purpose of work , then choose the thin bentknya so easy if taken . Note also features bluetooth connectivity , wifi , network and modem .

Tips on Buying a New Laptop

The second is to adjust to your bag , do not choose a laptop with high specification if it only has a limited budget . Note also the service after you buy a laptop like outlet service , warranty , spare parts and service sales weeks to the laptop . And the last is to select a vendor that can be trusted and have a name just as hp , acer , toshiba , asus , dell or samsung . The company has been the leading laptop in addition to already get the name has also been very good at designing and producing laptops .

Tips on How to Buy a New Laptop

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