Tips on Buying New Laptops – Hello friends , maybe you all will feel confused right what should be considered when purchasing a laptop / notebook ? Yes , for those of you who do not know for sure was going to experience it . Different again with exactly the same ideology that has been named a laptop / notebook , probably without reading this article also been able to choose their own tips . But for those who do not know , do not be afraid .. Ya I will try to share some tips that you can do when buying a new one . Want to know ? Let us continue reading 🙂

Tips on Buying New Laptops

Well, here’s the advice I was getting. Please remember – remember it , or if you should forget dicatet deh like this article .

First, you have to pay attention to function .
That you first determine to what laptop / notebook later . And here are the type – the type that you can make the following considerations:

1 . Ultra Portable : Laptop that has this kind is for you guys who are very mobile . In terms of size , this laptop has a small size and also has a light weight , can we imagine it ? Automated manifold laptop will be thinner than usual with a screen that only has 12 . ” In terms of processor , this laptop is put on the type of processor that can save electricity , because then you can use this laptop with a longer time . Examples of the type of processor the power-efficient Intel Atom for example , ULV Intel / AMD Neo . Tau how many hours you can use with this type of laptop ? Hmm .. that is , you can use a laptop ver more than 7 hours . Wow .. you can use this laptop freely . Oh yes , keep in mind ya friend , laptops of this type usually does not have an optical drive . and the price is about 3 millions ( Intel Atom ) and can nyampe dozen million ( Intel Core 2 Duo ULV ) .

2 . Portable : For laptops that manifold is intended for those who have normal levels of usage in a day – day . And this type of laptop is indeed one type of laptops that are dominating the market , it can also be used by most people . In terms of size , this type of laptop has a medium size with a screen size between 12 and 15 inches . For the price , this depends on the type of laptop brand , processor , and other peripherals . Typically , it costs about 4 million ( which uses an Intel Celeron ) , up to the most expensive laptop that is 10 millions ( using the Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom . Standard starting battery Durability between 3-5 hours .

3 . Desktop Replacement : Aimed at gamers , graphic designers , or other pekerjaan2 that require performance above rata2 . Laptops types usually large , heavy , and has a screen size above 15 inches . Characteristic of this type of laptop is there a separate VGA card , not integrated . is to support the graphics capabilities that are needed by this type of laptop . The processor used is simply top class processors such as the Intel Core 2 duo or even intel core 2 quad , thus making its price becomes very expensive . This type of price range laptops ranging from 8 million to tens of millions of dollars .

Secondly , you should pay attention to whose name ” Brand ” .

The selection of the brand is very important . In khasus Netbook , the price of local brands ranging from 2.5 million ( 3 cell battery ) compare with brand Acer / Samsung for $ 3 million ( 6-cell battery lasting till 6-8 hours ) . Well-known brand like Toshiba , Acer , Sony , Samsung , Dell , HP and others usually have a better assembly quality is compared to local assemblies . In addition to the service centers are evenly distributed throughout Indonesia , or at least that has a service center nearest you . It is important for you who live outside kota2 like Jakarta or Surabaya , if one day there is a problem or damage to your laptop .

Thirdly , you should pay attention to the Operating System of a laptop / notebook .

Most of the laptops are sold today , most include Microsoft Windows as the default OS . It is actually very detrimental to consumers . You as a consumer have no choice other than the OS. Laptops are generally the same bundling windows difference in price range of 300-500 thousand compared with no OS . Anyway I buy the same bundling Windows hard disk partition usually cuman 1 partition wrote . If the data of contact with the virus dizziness install it .

Here Tips When Buying a New Laptop / Notebook

Additional tips for those of you who really lay or not ngeh ato do not understand at all about the laptop or notebook :

Before buying a laptop or a cheap electronic products , should find out the current market price of the product . please find information by browsing on the internet . Usually prices in your town will not vary much with the prices on the internet , it could be so much cheaper .
Invite your friends who really understand about laptops . Of course this is to assist you in choosing and buying a good laptop that suits your desires and funds , if the price of laptop asikkan not cheap but quality goods and ugly ? Good quality goods and cheap however . 🙂
To find cheaper laptops usually when there is an exhibition of computer / laptop , computer prices in the exhibition are usually cheaper . However this does not guarantee that prices on cheaper exhibits as you wish . However, you could be a reference what price range you are looking for laptop products . Which stores are cheaper and suit your funds 🙂
This last tip Try to -Offer / negotiable price , And ask in detail about the warranty of the product that you will buy Laptops , and presence or absence of after-sales service in your town for a laptop brand that you buy , is to facilitate you , then, when a laptop or notebook you are having problems .

Tips on Buying New Laptops

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