One of the most equipment that should be considered is a home meat slicer. With this kitchen gadget, you can do more rather than slicing meat. Prepare your home-made bacon, vegetable, fruits and even cheese with this great tool. With its versatility, the avenue of achieving perfection in home-prepared meal is really endless. There have been different innovations in the food preparation at home. With the proliferation of easy home cooking techniques, more and more people are now enjoying restaurant-like.

Best Meat Slicer


More and more are preparing decent and luxurious foods at home. Due to that, more home makers are stuffing their kitchens with the lasts gadgets and equipments to make that perfect “Cordon Blue,” for their family, or just for their selves.

Due to its versatility, more and more delicate food preparation can be used. You can now prepare sophisticated beef stroganoff without battling yourself with your own kitchen knife. By having your own home food slicer, you can attain perfect freedom in creating your food masterpiece.

A typical home meat slicing machine can have its optional professional feature. With just a push of a button, you can boost your culinary confidence because you know that you will have the perfect cut whenever is possible. These slicers can produce perfect meat, vegetable, fruits and even cheese cuts-perfect for the grill or salad. This kind of home slicer has a very compact yet sleek design unlike the commercial ones. And although they are not that sturdy when it comes to slicing pound after pound of raw meat, rest assured that it can truly handle meats which is enough for your needs.

Why You Should Have It ?

To have your own slicer, it is important to consider the type of food preparation you will use it to prepare for it. Anyways, with just a single slicing meat machine, you will be able to produce hundreds of scrumptious and delicious food you can eat.

Be more adventurous with your taste buds because a home slicer can give you your needed slices that will enable you to create culinary marvels. Show off your skills with the help of this slicer and turn ordinary slices meat or cheeses into marvels that will be perfect for any cocktail occasions, party or just get together with friends and family.

With your own home slicer, you can skip the hassle of slicing your ingredients. From there on, you can now concentrate into the preparation of your dishes and perfecting the art of it.

Having your own slicer will definitely be a great addition to your home. Whether you are just going to use it for a typical meal preparation, to having an extravagant dinner, this will be the perfect partner and help you will need for your dishes. Enjoy everything you make and get a chance to show off to your family and friends with your culinary skills with the aid of the kicthen utensil. Every dish will be in perfection and attuned to your palette with the perfect slices in every bite.

Different Purposes of Meat Slicers

Meat or Food slicers can be used for a variety of different purposes. Whether it be manual, or automatic, it is guaranteed to make your life 1000% easier. For a small initial investment, you can own your very own food slicer! With sharp blades, and a swift back and forth motion, using a knife to slice your meats is a thing of the past!


Here are a few examples of high quality slicer’s:

  • Waring FS150 Professional Food Slicer. If you are looking for food slicers for home use that are cheaper in cost, yet still very high in quality, the Waring FS150 Professional Food Slicer, part of the Pro line from Waring, is the slicer for you. It weighs 12 pounds and has a 16in x 10in footprint with included suction cup feet. It makes quick work of meats cheeses breads fruits and vegetables. It also has a stainless steel carriage surface and blade. This slicer runs about $80 on the internet.
  • Berkel 823E 9″ Manual Gravity Feed Slicer – 800E Series. Moving up the line a little bit is the 823E Series Berkel slicer. This fine piece of equipment runs about $530 on the internet, but is well worth the money! The 823E includes: a hollow ground chromium-plated carbon steel blade, and a fully automatic one speed 1/4 HP enclosed and permanently lubricated knife motor. This unit is easy to disassemble for quick cleaning.
  • Berkel 827A – Advanced Series Slicer, 12 in. If you are looking for a top of the line, professional, heavy duty slicer, the Advanced Series Slicer is the perfect choice for you! It is the Ferrari of Berkel slicers. It once again includes Berkel’s signature one speed 1/2 HP enclosed and permanently lubricated knife motor, a stainless steel finish, and sanitary anodized aluminum plates. It’s easy to dissemble the unit for quick cleaning. It also has a tapered knife ring guard to cover non-slicing portion of knife even while the sharpener and the center plate are removed. This high quality slicer could run you upwards of $1000 on the internet, however.
  • Globe 3600PF Commercial Slicer. If you are someone who owns a restaurant or deli, the Globe 3600PF is the perfect commercial slicer for you! It is a manual slicer with serrated knife, 12 inches in diameter, made of all stainless steel, includes antimicrobial protection, an interlocking knife cover, and gear thickness adjustment. This is a top quality slicer which will run you well over $3000 on the internet, not including shipping for this monstrous beast. Be aware that this slicer is designed for professionals.

A slicer could bring much simplicity to your life if you know how to use it correctly! Save money on the over-priced lunch meat sold in delis, make it easier to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, do anything your heart desires with this fantastic piece of machinery. Whether you need something light weight and low cost, or heavy duty for daily ware, there is a best meat slicer for you!


Berkel Food Slicers

The best place to find commercial kitchen appliances is online, many people will find Berkel meat slicers have the quality of craftsmanship that is expected for most restaurant owners. Butchers have used cutting knives to slice meat in the past and with the high demand of pre-cut meats it is more practical to have a electric metal slicer that can handle several cuts of meat for food preparation.
The speed and cut quality of the machine is what Berkel industrial slicers give. As the leading kitchen equipment manufacturer you can buy one online at amazon or ebay.

Berkel Kitchen Appliances parts
You can buy reconditioned Berkel parts online, some of the shopping results I found them on the shopping results on Google Shopping.

Antique Berkel Food Slicers
For those who buy, sell and collect Vintage Hand-Cranked Slicers are the green enthusiasts in chefs and restaurants. Since there is a demand for vintage style slicers that have been reproduced, due to the popularity of sustainable food items that are organic as well as local.

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