There is really no way to say exactly where you can find laptop that costs under 100 dollars but there are several places you can go to look. There are also a few options to laptops that you can consider that are much less expensive.  Here on this page we will go over this information.

When youre looking for laptops for less than 100 dollars you have to be ready to sacrifice a lot of performance in the system you buy (that is if youre buying new).  Any new laptop, desktop, notebook, or netbook under 100 dollars is going to be seriously lacking in speed and power.  You may be able to find some brand-new generic notebooks or “bare bones” laptops for this price but more than likely youre going to have to buy used or refurbished.


Thats the first option you have.  You can buy netbooks that are closer to 100 dollars than any laptop will be. Netbooks are great for general computing tasks such as word processing, email, and internet but they are a bit behind in other areas.

Cheap Used Laptops Under $100

This is probably your best bet for finding a laptop under $100.  There are several sites you can visit that will give you a decent selection of computers at this price.  Those sites are eBay, Craigslist, and Backpage.  Ebay is an auction site while Craigslist and Backpage are classified ad sites. Ebay should be your first stop.  You are taking your chances with any of these sites but eBay is where you are less likely to be ripped off.  No matter what site you get cheap laptops for sale under 100 from, you will really have no idea what condition the computer is going to be in.  So safeguard yourself by checking on the sellers reputation (on eBay) and when shopping on Craigslist or Backpage only buy laptops from someone local (so you can go to where they live and see, touch, and even test the computer before you buy it).

Outside of buying discount used laptops under $100 from eBay or a classified ads site you reall dont have any options.  Again you can look at netbooks and you can check on refurbished units (refurbished units are laptops that larger manufacturers have fixed up, repacked, and resold) but more than likely these are also going to be more than 100 bucks.

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