Before I get started, let me just say that the best rated laptop for students are ones that are free. With that being said, they’re companies out there that do give away free laptops to students that meet certain requirements. If you go on the internet and search for forums that mainly focus on college topics, you’re sure to find special deals for laptop computers. However, if you’re not among the lucky few to get a free laptop, you’ll have to begin your search to find good laptops for purchase.

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Things to Consider

  1. An ideal student laptop would be a machine that is equipped with a wireless card so that you can take full advantage of the college or university’s Wi-Fi. The laptop will definitely have to be able to connect to Wi-Fi because many if not all college and university’s offer free internet service; in addition, you can also connect to the internet at your favorite café as well. As a student, I know that saving as much money as possible is a necessity; therefore, with the college providing an internet connection for free, it can be a big help. Having continuous and free access to the web will make researching topics and writing term papers a lot easier.
  2. When deciding the best laptop to buy, you might want to consider whether or not a CD/DVD drive is of importance to you.
  3. Another thing to consider when looking for the best value laptops for students is what type of software the machine comes with. Some manufacturers include special software particularly for students. You will not find this software in other models that go out to the general public. If you’re a student and you purchased a specialized laptop from Dell or any of the main laptop computer manufacturers, you can find specialized software among a set of Office tools from Microsoft. You can purchase HP laptops or Sony laptops that offer these special deals to students during a certain time frame. All students should take advantage of deals like this; it will save them a lot of money.

Mini or Small Laptops

  • Some of the top laptop brands are designed to have all of the features that you’ll need and they’re also small, compact, and portable.These newer smaller laptops are pretty big on power; however, they’re low on features.
  • Unfortunately, they do not come with an accessible drive, but they do come equipped with adequate memory as well as hard drive space.
  • They’re also equipped with USB ports, which allows you to connect devices such as flash drives. In addition to all of the features already mentioned, they’re also endowed with the latest in Bluetooth technology as well as wireless connectivity abilities.
  • These mini laptop or small notebook computers are considered to be among the best college laptops because of their battery life which lasts longer than the regular size laptops and can hold a charge for as long as eight hours.
  • These compact and smaller laptops will run you no less than $300.

It’s a good idea to search on the internet for certain features that you may want. Most of the major companies have detailed information on their websites about specific laptop that students can use for research. You can reduce the price of the laptop by going with a slower processor, the faster the processor, the more expensive the laptop will be. In fact, some of the slower processors are AMD Turion 64, Intel Celeron, Intel Core Duo, and AMD Sempron. If you see a computer that lists its processor or hard drive as a core duo, it simply means that the computer actually has two separate hard drives. Therefore, if the hard drive space is listed as 180GB, it actually means that each hard drive has a capacity of 90GB.

Used Laptops

The good student laptops are also used laptops. They’re no shortages of places that can offer you used laptops at a highly discounted price. You can find great deals by going to your favorite search engine. Personally, I would not go below 2015, because technology is advancing at such an alarming rate, a laptop from 2016 would be pretty much obsolete. You can also walk into electronic stores like Best Buy and purchase used laptop at a discounted price.


Choosing the Best laptops for College

I know how it is to be a student when money is low, but there are certain things that a student must have and one of those things is a good laptop computer. Therefore, if you’re a student, you probably want to know where to find the best college laptops. Thankfully, in these days and times, you can get a nice machine for a lot less than you could have back when I was going to school.

The best cheap laptops today are more powerful and faster than the expensive laptops of three years ago. It always amazes me how fast technology is increasing. A laptop that you purchase today will be obsolete in three years. Therefore, you can buy a nice laptop for cheap that will be more than sufficient to get you through school.

What to look for when choosing the best value student laptops :

When shopping for the best college student laptop, make sure you get one that suits your needs. Remember, you’re in school right now, so it’s not what you would like to have; it’s more like what you’re going to need at the moment.

  • The most important thing in my opinion is a computer that has the ability to connect to the internet. You’re going to need the internet when you’ve got reports and term papers to do research for. Fortunately, as of ten years ago, every computer whether cheap or expensive, comes with internet capabilities. In addition, today’s computers are also preloaded with some very good software applications, the most popular being a word processor.
  • One thing that you can depend on being a student is the fact that you’re going to have to pull long study hours in the library or at your favorite coffee shop. Therefore, it is crucial for you to get a laptop that has Wi-Fi access.
  • Do not get talked into buying a high-end high-priced laptop, because as a student you’re not going to need something that powerful. Most high-end and ultra-expensive machines are usually good for gamers, and engineers.
  • If money is a really big issue, you can get a refurbished laptop oppose to a new one. You can get a reconditioned laptop for $200 to $400, easy. However, I do not recommend that you go with a reconditioned unit, because you can get a brand new laptop computer for $300 today. Going the reconditioned route was alright back in the days, but not now.

You can find the best student laptop on the internet. The website that I trust the most is Amazon. You can buy a really good laptop computer on Amazon for a lot less than you’d find anywhere else. Go ahead and run over to and perform a search for your laptop today.

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