Cleaning makeup brushes – Several cosmetic products such as blush-on, lipstick, or shimmer, typically using a brush to help you apply it on the face. However, these brushes need to be kept clean, so as not to cause a variety of skin disorders such as acne or allergies.

Typically, these brushes just cleaned by washing under running water, rinsed with warm water, or simply cleaned with a tissue alone. This method is relatively no maximum to clean the rest of the make-up, because there are bacteria or dirt on the brush.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

To clean makeup brushes, use this step :
1. Prepare the olive oil, make-up brushes to be cleaned, and a piece of clean cloth. Then pour one teaspoon of olive oil to the fabric. Then dip the brush make-up into the olive oil. Apply this brush above the oily rag earlier. With this, the remnants of make-up that stuck on the sidelines bristle brush will go all out and stuck to the fabric.

Avoid brush dipped too deep down to the base. Dip the brush only at the edges only. Dipping too deeply will make you brush greasy and not tasty used again.

2. The next step, mix one teaspoon liquid Castille soap (soap olives) with warm water. Then dip the tip until the middle of the brush, and rub with your fingers. Avoid dye all the hair brush section. Squeeze all the soapy water from the brush, and repeat until all the rest of the make-up is out of the brush.

3. Finally, to remove all the oil from your brush, dip the tip of the brush into the water vinegar. Squeeze and rinse with hot water. Dry brush on paper towels and in the shade. Once dry, brush ready to be used again for several months.

Okay, That’s all for the tips on cleaning cosmetic brushes..So now you know how do you clean makeup brushes..Good luck..

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