So, youre looking for a gaming laptop under 400 bucks? Im sure youve been everywhere trying to find one that actually exists. Well, stop looking because, quite frankly, youre not going to find one. Unless of course you go to eBay, Craigslist, Backpage, or one of the other auction/classified ad sites and someone is selling a used unit. The only problem with that is you have NO idea what condition its in.

But dont dismay, because we found a good gaming laptop thats only a hundrd bucks more than the price-range youre looking for.

Before we get into that we do recommend that you up your budget if you can. Theres really no laptop thats going to be able to hand todays games and be priced under $800. Thats the best starting price for a true gaming unit. We recommend you save your money and look into an Asus or an Alienware unit. The top of the line units run around $2,000 while the low-end units rund around $800-$900 dollars. You really have two options to buying a more expensive gaming unit. One is to make your own laptop but that still can cost over $700 if you buy the appropriate hardware and you still have to know how to assemble it.

The second is

Gaming Notebooks

Notebooks are becoming more powerful and some are being configured so that they are powerful enough to let users play games on them. There are many manufacturers that are turning towards this technology (Asus, Dell, HP, and more). The GHz and the RAM are being increased thus allowing for many users to play games a lot more sophisticated than Hearts.

So if you decide you want to check out some gaming notebooks make sure they include the following:
-a dual core processor (if you can do better, 3 or 4, then go for it).
-minimum memory of 4GB
-at minimum a 250GB hard-drive.
-a dedicated graphic card (this is mandatory)
-a solid and easy to use keyboard is required

The Cheapest, Yet Fully Functionable Gaming Laptop That Weve Seen

If youre willing to go a little bit above your budget of $400 and spend $500 then you may want to look at the Asus 1201NEEE PC. This features a twelve-inch display with an ATOM processor (dual-core), 2GB of memory, and a graphics card (Nvidia ION). This unit is perfect for those looking to do light gaming (World Of Warcraft, Call Of Duty, etc.). There is a performance issue with graphics (they are limited) but if you must get a gaming laptop and you cant go over say, $550, then this is the unit for you.

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