How to Clean Makeup Brushes With Olive Oil and Soap – Surely you have already known that the use of dirty makeup brushes is not good for skin health. Keep the face not only to clean it twice a day, but also to maintain the cleanliness of makeup brush you have. This is the easy way to clean your makeup brushes :

Materials needed:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Antibacterial Soap

How to clean:

1) Combine antibacterial soap and olive oil in the ratio 2: 1 in a clean bowl. Take a makeup brush, wet with warm water. Position the makeup brushes are always facing down during this process so that the water does not get into the inside and damage the glue that makeup brushes do not easily fall out.

2) Rub the wet brush with a mixture of cleaning. Rubbing the brush used to clean the hands of the rest of the makeup.

3)Rinse makeup brush using warm water until no froth coming out of the brush. Avoid cleaning brush using hot water since it can make the brush becomes easy to fall off.

4) Wrap the brush with towel and squeeze the water. Put a dry towel on top of the saucer sloping. Put your makeup brushes on a towel with the position of the handle of the brush on top so that water can flow out.

5) Repeat the process with the other makeup brush. Makeup brushes which are heavily soiled may need to wash twice. Let the makeup brush to dry during the night, and repeat the process of cleaning makeup brushes for at least once a month.

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