Best Makeup Brush Cleanser 2015 Review ~ Putting on makeup is very important for women. Wearing the right makeup will make women looks more attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, putting on makeup can cause skin problems due to several reasons. Aside from the makeup products you have, the cleanliness of your makeup brushes can cause skin irritation such as acne. To avoid it, you must clean your makeup brushes regularly.

There are wide range choices of cleaning makeup brush products you can buy. However, not all of these products offer you with effective and efficient result. If you have difficulty in choosing the best makeup brush cleanser, you must read this make up brush cleaner product review. Our team has tried these products so that you can trust this honest review.

Top 4 Makeup Brush cleaners

#1 Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 32 oz – This product is perfect for you who have large number of makeup brushes and makeup tools. This big size cleaner will lasts for months.

#2 Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner Spray 2 oz – This is perfect for you who travel a lot. Its compact spray size offers you with efficient cleaning method.

#3 Sigma 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove – it has more choices of textures so that you can be sure that your makeup brushes are perfectly clean. Its design and size is effective and efficient for cleaning makeup brushes.

#4 Brushegg Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool – this cleaning tool is durable and affordable. It will enable you to clean your makeup brushes quickly and effectively.

Makeup Brush Cleanser or Silicone Brush Cleaning Tools ?
Some of you may be a little undecided on which cosmetic brush cleaner you will buy? The liquid one or the silicone tool one. Each of them offers you with different advantages. Liquid brush cleanser and silicone brush cleaning tool are sold almost in the same range of price. The big ones cost around $30 and the small size ones cost around $8. However, even though they are at the same range of price, our team thinks that the silicone cleaning tool is more affordable. It lasts forever and very durable.

One of the advantages of liquid cosmetic brush cleanser is that it has quick drying formula. It takes only 10 seconds for your brush to dry out after you clean it using this liquid cleanser. It may take 30 seconds for a big brush to dry completely. This cleanser is also formulated especially to clean cosmetic brushes. Whether it is mascara, blush on, or foundation residue, this liquid cleanser will dissolve it from your cosmetic residue from your brushes, palettes, and spatula perfectly. It cleans your makeup tools without damaging it. Its mild formula will not damage both brushes with natural hair and synthetic hair. This product also has anti bacteria formula so that you can avoid acne and other skin irritation.

Meanwhile, the siliconee makeup brush cleaning tool also offers you with some advantages. Aside from being affordable and durable, it is easy to use. This tool is easy to hold so that you can clean your cosmetic brushes without difficulty. It enables you to clean your brushes quickly. However, you must remember not to brush your makeup brushes too vigorously. Doing it may damage your cosmetic brushes. When you are having this silicone brush cleaning tool, you must remember to buy mild soap or baby shampoo to clean the residue of your makeup.
So, liquid cleanser or cleaning tool to choose? It opens to your preference. If you buy liquid cleanser, you do not need to buy cosmetic brush cleaning tools. But if you buy the cleaning tool, you need to buy another cleansing product.

How to clean makeup brushes

To maintain your makeup brushes cleanliness, you must know how to clean it properly. Wipe off any makeup residue with a tissue first. If you choose to buy Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner, you must pour it into a small bowl or a container. After that, dip your makeup brush into the cleaners. Wipe it clean using tissue. If you buy the 2 oz spray size, you must spray it from 2 or 3 inches distance from the brush. Spray it into the bristle and rotate your brush so that the cleanser reaches to all the sides of the brush. After that, wipe it clean. Allow the brush to air dry for several seconds.
If you choose to buy Brushegg Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool or Sigma 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, you must pour a small amount of baby shampoo or other mild soap on it. Swirl your bushes on it gently until all the makeup residue vanish.

1. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 32 oz review

This brush cleaner is very effective in cleaning your makeup brushes. It sanitizes them very well since it has anti bacteria agent. It is non carcinogenic and perfectly safe for natural and synthetic bristle. Cinema Secrets professional brush cleaner also air-dry quickly. It has pleasant vanilla scent.

2. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner Spray 2 oz review

This brush cleaner has similar features with Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 32 oz. The difference is that it is smaller and in a spray bottle. This cleaner can clean wax, powder, and liquid off your makeup brushes.

3. Sigma 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove review

This glove has several choices of textures on it. Therefore, you can choose one which is suitable for your size and type of makeup brushes. It is made of silicone so that it is durable. Wearing this glove while cleaning your brush with mild soap and water will not make your hand wet. In consequence, you can clean all your makeup brush comfortably. If you have large collections of cleaning makeup brushes tool, you must have this glove.

4. Brushegg Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool review

Brushegg is small and compact. It fits perfectly on your palm so that you can hold it easily while cleaning your brushes. This cleaning tool has two textures. The smaller knobs on top are used for foaming. They can also be used for cleaning smaller brushes.

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