Are you looking for laptops under 200? If so then you must be on a restricted budget. There are options. You can either look to buy a used laptop or you can check and see if any manufacturers are selling refurbished laptops under 200 dollars.

Because its such a low price theres very little chance that you will find a good computer that is going to be able to perform basic functions (internet, word processing, email). There are netbooks but most of these also cost over $200 yet they are the closest your going to find in the price range your looking for (for a new computer anyway). Netbooks are handy, very mobile, and do a really good job of helping you surf the net, read email, and do light word processing. However they lack some of the function of the larger laptops and desktops.


Used Laptops Under $200

Your best bet for finding a laptop thats going to peform basic functions at this price is to buy a used laptop on a site like eBay and then take it to a local computer shop and have it overhauled (or at least looked at). Because of the nature of sites like these in which anyone can really sell anything you have to be careful. You really cant tell what the condition of the laptop you buy is in before it arrives at your house. So take precautions before spending money. The first thing you can do to protect yourself is to check the sellers reputation. There should be a sellers rating listed somewhere on the site. This is the accumulative rating from all the people that he has done business with in the past. If its low or non-existant think twice before you spend a couple hundred dollars.

Also check the picture of the product. If you can see any distinguishable scratch marks, dents, or any damage to the outside of the computer then dont buy it.

Refurbished Laptops Under 200 Dollars

Major manufacturers sell refurbished laptops on their sites. What exactly is a refurbished laptop? Its a computer that has been returned to the manufacturer because of a defect or a malfunction and the manufacturer repairs the laptop, repackages it and then resells it. These laptops are just as reliable as new yet cost much less (sometimes hundreds of dollars less). Another great thing about refurbished laptops is that some manufacturer provide the same warranty for them as they do their new computers.

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