American Sniper Trailer, Plot Summary and More – Sniper is also a human being who could have a dilemma. If ABG could upset by relaxing indulgence in sense swayed them, is not the case with a sniper. They can not be arbitrary because lives are at stake here.

American Sniper Plot Summary (Storyline/Synopsis)

American Sniper Poster

Especially when the sniper is assigned to conflict areas like Iraq for example. It was described by Hollywood director, Clint Eastwood through the film AMERICAN SNIPER. The film is based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, a member of the American military that was once the most lethal sniper while on duty in Iraq. The film will be aired on December 25, 2014.

Chris Kyle himself, played by Bradley Cooper. Chris was assigned as much as 4 times in Iraq. He left a terrible reputation in the area of conflict with sniper bullets and shoot capability. In the latest teaser, described how Chris Kyle eyeing one target in Iraq. Of a building and then appeared a woman and her young.

But it turns out the woman handed rocket bullet to his son to be given to the enemy forces. The little boy ran, and Chris Kyle hit by a dilemma to shoot or not.  Especially since he also has a family and a small child. Professionalism Chris Kyle tested to shoot targets that are not dangerous, but bring a dangerous projectile.

American Sniper Trailer

American Sniper Trailer, Plot Summary and More

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